How To Make Halloween Memories Last Forever

Twenty years from now will you remember the costumes your kid(s) wore for Halloween? What about the fun and hilarious memories you made watching your family gather up and gobble down as much sugar as possible? What about navigating Halloween during a PANDEMIC?

There are so many things that make each holiday special and significant, ESPECIALLY when we’ve all been through such a complicated and confusing year. Holidays are a time to focus on what matters most, family, friends, and fun - no matter where or how you celebrate. If we don’t write these precious memories down, it’s only a matter of time before they fade away.

Halloween Journal Entry

Here are the five steps to make sure the memories you make this Halloween last forever:

  1. Have fun! Get out there and have some fun. Try your best to be present and truly have fun with your loved ones. Don’t worry about documenting until the holiday is over.
  2. Take a few pictures along the way. Don’t be consumed with getting the perfect Insta-worthy shot. Halloween is about actually having fun, not making it “appear” fun on social media. If your kiddos are all looking in different directions and others don’t want to pause to take any pictures at all, just go with it! This is real life.
  3. Write the memories while they are fresh! Don’t wait a couple of days or weeks. You will forget faster than you think. The very next day, pull out your Holiday Journal and write about all of the special moments while they are fresh in your mind.
  4. Attach your photos to the Scrapbook Page. Take a quick second to print off a photo or two (you can do this online or on your photo printer at home) and attach the photos to the Scrapbook Page in the entry you completed.
  5. Experience the joy and relief that comes with having your holiday memories captured and organized in a book so they can be enjoyed by your family for years to come!
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