The Joys and Benefits of Documenting Precious Memories w/ Grandchildren

What will your grandchildren remember most about you and your time together? Think about your own grandparents. What...

The Perfect Client Gift For Thoughtful Travel Agents

Are you a travel agent in search of a thoughtful, meaningful, unique, yet reasonably priced gift for your clients? Th...

What Boredom Taught Me As a Child and Why I Wouldn't Have it Any Other Way

Back in 1989 my parents bought a small house at Edisto Beach in South Carolina. It was small, less than 700 square fe...

21 Ways Saving Family Memories Profoundly Changes Your Life

Digital devices have actually created a new form of overwhelm, a digital clutter, that people are now forced to grapple with due in large part to the fact that so many experience life’s most precious moments through the camera app of their phone. Lost in the hustle to get the perfect photo is the experience itself, not to mention the true connection to the moment.

Why You Should Scrap the Family Routine, If Only For A Day

These last 12 months have been testing for all of us, but especially for those of us with young children who ar...

Don’t Overthink the Family Vacation

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned as a parent is not to overthink it when it comes to vacationing with young k...

6 Ways To Connect With Family Virtually Over The Holidays

Well here we are again. Another holiday swirling with concerns about physically spending time with the ones we love. ...

Top Meaningful Gifts for 2020

Did you know Americans spend $16 billion a year on unwanted, meaningless gifts? Yep, we spend large amounts of our ha...

The BEST Way To Announce Your Pregnancy To Your Parents

There is nothing more exciting than telling your parents they are going to be GRANDPARENTS! If you’re anything like ...

How To Make Halloween Memories Last Forever

Twenty years from now will you remember the costumes your kid(s) wore for Halloween? What about the fun and hilarious...

20 Questions to Ask Your Grandparents, While You Still Can

Our grandparents are the keys to our past. Their lives, choices, priorities, traditions, and values greatly shape who WE are today.

Using This Time To Document Your Travel Memories

If you are dreaming about the moment you can plan and take your next vacation, you are not alone! What seemed like ...
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