Using This Time To Document Your Travel Memories

If you are dreaming about the moment you can plan and take your next vacation, you are not alone! What seemed like such a routine part of our lives has suddenly been cast away and now we must all wait patiently for the time we can explore new places again.

Our Family Travel Journal was created to capture the special memories you make with your family on travel adventures. Since all of us have had to put our travel plans on hold for now, we wanted to share three ways you can still use Our Family Travel Journal prompts while at home.

  1. Use this time to document past trips. Since you can’t travel anywhere, take a trip down memory lane instead! Are there some past vacations that you’d like to remember forever? There has never been a better time to reminisce and write those memories down so you can enjoy them for years to come.
  2. Create your family bucket list. It can be a fun distraction to daydream about all of the places you’d like to visit once travel restrictions are lifted. Write them down on the dedicated page in the back of our journal or on a piece of paper to keep you inspired and motivated about the future.
  3. Use an entry to document this staycation. Amidst these uncertain and challenging times, I am willing to bet there are still a lot of special memories being made. These are moments that may have never happened otherwise. Use our journal or your own notebook to document some of the special memories you are making during this unexpected staycation. 

If you have kiddos at home, this can be a wonderful activity to do as a family. Get them involved in documenting past trips. Ask them what they enjoyed most about those trips. It can be fun to discover what made the biggest impact on them. You can also find out what’s on their bucket list once this is all over! What are they enjoying about this staycation?

We WILL be able to travel again. Until then, travel back in time and record the precious memories you made on past trips that you never had time to write about before. Enjoy this opportunity to make new memories with your family and most importantly look for the lessons that are to be learned from this situation.

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