The Perfect Client Gift For Thoughtful Travel Agents

Are you a travel agent in search of a thoughtful, meaningful, unique, yet reasonably priced gift for your clients? There’s no better way to say thank you to your customer than to show them your appreciation with a special gift that they’ll have forever. 

Sure, you could always include a gift certificate to complement a customer’s travel package. That’s always appreciated, but it’s almost sure to be forgotten. So, what if you could take it just a step further and give your customer something they’d not only use forever, but cherish forever as a special family keepsake?

Here at Archive Collection, we didn’t design Our Family Travel Journal specifically for travel agents, but we did design it for families who wanted a more thoughtful way to save their special family memories by writing them down. We created this journal because we needed it, and that’s what makes it so great. It was designed for families, by a busy family. We needed a way to remember the moments that mattered and the tiny details that made it all so special. 

Each journal contains 22 entries, one for each trip, with a single scrapbook page per entry where a keepsake or photo can be attached. There is a customizable contents page, a sewn in bookmark ribbon, a family bucket list, and every entry includes simple prompts to help you detail the most important elements that you’ll always want to remember. It’s the perfect way for any family to quickly jot down all the things they want to remember for a lifetime of enjoyment. 

Our journals are 100% made in America and they’re constructed using the highest quality materials. The paper we selected and used for these journals is archival quality and the beautiful and modest gold foil stamping adds a touch of class with it’s timeless styling. There’s a reason we say that our journals are heirloom-quality; it’s because they are. They’re meant to stand the test of time and preserve the moments that matter most.

Do something different. Give a gift your clients will never forget, by giving them a way to save their family travel memories like never before. 

If you’d like to receive a sample and discuss options, please reach out to us on Instagram or through out contact form.

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