Making Memories with Kids Go Places!

We continue our family travel blogger series with the family behind the popular @kidsgoplaces Instagram account. This Aussie family of four sure knows how to make you want to pack your bags and go on adventure!

They were gracious enough to take time out of their busy schedule to teach us some of their top tips for traveling the world as a family.

Why is travel so important to you and your family?

We have our best times and make the best memories when traveling. The quality time together 24/7 is so precious and I know it won’t be forever so we make the most of every opportunity we get to go places both near & far while they are kids. I believe it will also shape them into the adults they become for a greater appreciation for our world, realizing that they are just a tiny part of our big amazing world!

Do you remember when you became enamored with travel? 

I feel like travel is just in my blood. My dad was always moving around the world for work and we followed him. Now I can’t seem to sit still and am always on the lookout for our next trip! Travel is the best addiction!!!

However, once I had babies, we actually didn’t feel ready to travel afar for a few years, until the kids were 4 & 6yrs old. We visited New Zealand, and it was definitely a turning point for us, realizing what an amazing time we could have as a family. This definitely started our journey of @kidsgoplaces

What would you say is your philosophy on travel or life in general?

Making the most of every day! Live life to the fullest you only get one chance!

What is your all-time bucket list family adventure and why?

Oh gosh we have so many I couldn’t pick just one! I’m so grateful that we have actually fulfilled some in the last couple years like the ultimate winter wonderland (Hokkaido, Japan) which has been a lifelong yearning for me! Marina Bay Sands & Singapore was absolutely epic. As well as my dream family trip since before I had kids of one day taking my kids to Disneyland California as well as Yosemite and San Francisco.

It’s now our dream to get to Europe one day, we haven’t yet as both hubby & I spent part of our childhoods there. So we have wanted to see parts of the world neither of us had seen before like America & Asia. Dubai is definitely on the bucket list. As is Iceland and we loved New York as a couple so would love to take the kids back there too.

One of my best childhood memories was a motorhome holiday so we are trying our hand at #vanlife very soon!

We have spent the last few years chasing snow so we feel it’s about time we had some tropical warm holidays too! But in saying that, I’m not sure I can escape the pull of the snow. We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful beach holiday destination in itself so the snow holds such novelty for us.

What is your advice to families just starting to travel with little ones?

Definitely go for it, expect that there will be challenges and the kids will still have tantrums! But it’s totally worth it and I find I handle it all better when away anyway! Kids will also surprise you. I’ve been amazed at what awesome little travel troopers our kids can be! Sleeping on planes and in airports, they seem to handle it better than I do!!!

If you have one, could you tell us about a particularly epic travel fail and the lesson learned?

Surprisingly, we haven’t had one! I plan, plan, plan and research a LOT so perhaps that has held us in good stead!

What purchase of less than $100 has most positively impacted your life as a traveler in recent memory?

A real travel product that has definitely made a positive difference to our lives are the Kooshy Kids blow up Kooshions. To be able to have a more comfortable flight and therefore a better sleep can make a world of difference. We even use them on road trips and when camping too!!

What can parents do to make family trips more enjoyable and less stressful? 

Definitely being organized. Keeping a semblance of routine especially when kids are young and still have a daily nap time and of course always plenty of snacks at hand!!!

Do you have any interesting or unique ways in which you document your travels, during or after the trip?

We absolutely love our drone videos, they make the best family movies. We also like to make a photo book from a destination. Not to mention documenting our travels is one of the main reasons I set up @kidsgoplaces too!

What is your all-time favorite souvenir or item brought back from your adventures? Do you have a family policy on the stuff you can or can’t bring home? 

We don’t normally buy souvenirs. I find they just get stuffed in a cupboard back home and never seen again so it has to be something pretty special for us to bring home a souvenir. We actually love bringing home things like rocks and shells or pine cones. A fave of ours is a mini Japanese shrine that a local man painted the kids names and dates of birth on. That was very special.

How do you choose your destinations and how far out do you plan?

I’ve been known to plan ridiculously far out. I booked our accommodation on the slopes of Beaver Creek two years in advance as it was such a dream trip and I didn’t want to miss out on a particular condo. It was totally worth it too! But a long time to wait! But I budget far in advance to make sure we can do things. We will also do spontaneous things on a whim too! They are more weekends away though.

How do you make a trip special and memorable? 

I don’t think you need to try! They will be anyway. Spending time together as a family in a new place having new experiences together and making memories, it can’t not be special & memorable!

A big thanks to Penny and her family for sharing so much great advice! When you stop by their account you have to check out the amazing drone videos of them exploring the world! You can find them on Instagram at @kidsgoplaces.

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